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The Black Mask Syndicate

Origins of Sin Roleplay
The official center of commerce and culture in The Cabbala Amartia. Dedicated to ensuring the coin flows like a river through the caverns. Comprised of archivist, bankers, and merchants. The Black Mask is always watching.

Symposium Event

classes for merchants
help for those wanting to get ideas
maybe lure in with coin?
merchants can show off wares or give a class (or just a speech or display)
foster sense of togetherness
could just be a meeting for every so often

Business Classes

Write up a curriculum
coin system, advertising, marketing, product awareness
Notecard of ooc resources

Adventure Event

post an ad in looking for RP
Ever wanted to be the main villain in an overarching story?



Project Purpose

To organize trade, institute structure, promote interaction, and increase opportunities for both Cabbalans to earn coin and attract traffic from the surface.


The Black Mask Syndicate


The official center of commerce and culture in the Cabbala Amartia. Dedicated to ensuring the coin flows like a river through the caverns. Comprised of archivists, bankers and merchants. The Syndicate also serves as the eyes and ears of the Cabbala Amartia. A hub of information.

Formal Authorization

Official guild of the Cabbala Amartia as approved by the Conclave.

Business Case

Since the end of the Black Market guild under Bomris and Davros, and the subsequent rise of the Fool’s Market in its place, a structural void has existed to govern and orchestrate the diverse aspects of Cabbalan trade. The Syndicate aims to not only fill that void but also expand the presence and importance of trade within the Cabbala.
Based on a collaboration between the office of the Slumlord, the Tax Collectors, and the Cabbala Chronicle Consortium, the Syndicate stands not only to become the biggest employer of Cabbalans but also an impressive source of wealth for the Cabbala. This wealth represents not only monetary income but also a wealth of culture and information.
Given that the Cabbala attracts many individuals of a roguish nature, the Syndicate serves as a crucial source of employment and engagement not only for those of a business-minded nature but also those who wish to work as spies or informants. The Archive therefore will have the dual function of processing and organizing missions and the resulting information.


Unify and centralize organization of the commerce district.
Provide opportunities for Cabbalans to earn coin.
Attract traffic from the surface into the caverns.
Build the funds necessary to create cash flow within the Cabbala.
Organize information flow and assign tasks to operatives.


The scope of this endeavor should include but is not necessarily limited to the following:
Inter-business collaboration
Foreign trade
Event management
Engineering and conducting operations
Information management

Success Criteria

the critical factors that determine the project’s success. This is a list of deliverables expected on project completion.
Increase in cashflow to Cabbalan citizens. At least 20% from established baseline.
Establishment of an archive, concrete records with a steady positive rate of growth.
Increase in networking between Cabbalan businesses and paid tasks available to citizens.
Increase in traffic from foreign factions to Cabbalan-owned businesses.
Establishment of a regular event schedule and robust advertising platform.


Information on happenings within and outside of the Cabbala, to be reported to the Conclave.
Leads for investigation on persons of interest and forewarnings of potential issues.
Detailed information about trade climates in the Cabbala and foreign factions.
A precise record of payouts made to Cabbalan citizens with the intent of stimulating the Cabbalan economy.
A growing archive of the rich history and varied stories of the Cabbalans.
A regular schedule of events based out of the commerce and culture sector of the Cabbala with an aim of one event per week.


While one of the goals of the Syndicate is to be financially self sufficient through the creation of a fund to cover its own expenses, the primary aim of the Syndicate is not to enrich its directors. The foremost goal of the Syndicate is to invest in and create wealth for Cabbalan citizens. As such, no one division of the Syndicate will hoard proceeds resulting from collaborative efforts away from the others, or retain them for personal use. The Syndicate recognizes that the success of the endeavor as a whole promotes the success of the individual divisions. An initial investment of 10 silver will be provided by Romar from his personal funds so that payouts may begin immediately. Any other individual wishing to do so may also contribute.

Schedule & Milestones

Stage 1: Organization and initial outreach by end of March
Stage 2: Delegation of duties and sub-project launches beginning in April, to be completed by June 1st
Stage 3: Initiation of event schedule by early June

Constraints & Assumptions

Should be unlimited provided regular and timely progress and maintenance of deliverable goals. Completion of initial organizational goals realistically achievable within a month of launch will relieve the need to compete with upstarts.
Initial investment of ten silver should be enough to cover outreach, after which funds may be supplemented though sale of services and vault activities.
Minimum goal of one event per week. The best operating model hinges on most or all Cabbalan businesses acknowledging the Syndicate out of mutual benefit. Authority to institute measures concerning the Fool’s Market is based on the authority of the Slumlord as granted by the Conclave.
Members will hold themselves to the highest standards of product and service as a representation of the best the Cabbala can offer in terms of excellence.

Summary of Risks

Division heads may become burned out if separation of labor is too unequal. Each branch of the Syndicate will strive to support the others where possible. Leadership relations will remain cordial and respectful between colleagues to ensure the overall success of the operation.
As with all business related ventures, there is implicit risk of failure to make profit or net loss. All parties involved acknowledge this risk. Should financial collapse occur, the effectiveness of the charter may revisited and alternate sources of funding pursued.
Other groups may attempt to fill the aforementioned institutional void while the Syndicate organizes and gathers momentum. The Syndicate will strive to cooperate with these groups to the extent possible, and offer merger and alliances as appropriate.
Lack of Interest
It may be possible that no one else in the Cabbala is interested in any of the guild offerings. This is unlikely to happen but if it does, the guild could offer its services exclusively to the Conclave.
Utilization of Services without Membership or Contribution
It may be that there is an overwhelming body of people that seem to take advantage of Syndicate services without joining, allying, or contributing in any way. If this begins to become problematic, the Syndicate could consider switching to a pay-as-you go for the provision of services.

Team & Organization

Guild Lead: Ashley Locks
Project Manager (SiC): Romar Iggthautrson
Officers: Snowflake von Cania, Merideth Atalanta
Division Heads:
Merchants: Ashley Locks
Banker: Snowflake con Cania
Archivists: Romar Iggthautrson


The undersigned denote their approval and agreement to participate


Black Mask Syndicate
The official center of commerce and culture in The Cabbala Amartia. There are three branches of The Syndicate:
Merchants: We are offer a range of services to get you started in selling in The Cabbala and beyond. With the associated powers of The Slumlord herself we can help in many ways.
Bankers: If your wanting to get your hands on shiny shiny coin, look no further. The Bankers of the syndicate offering lending services and gambling, If you have fiscal talents and are greedy we have a place for you!
Archivists: Fancy yourself an intellectual, want to investigate, or just wanting some easy coin? We are seeking to collect information on just about anything and anyone. Knowledge is power and we are seeking to create the most expansive library of Sincadere. Highlighted in it would be the brightest citizen's of The Cabbala among the epic deeds and innovations.
The Black Mask
More than just a name and that's all the knowledge being released on that for now.
@Cabbala Amartia

Guild Notecard

---------------------------------------- [THE BLACK MASK SYNDICATE] ----------------------------------------
Guild Lead: Ashley Locks (themonster663) Officers: Romar (zirsnveblis) Snowflake (chastity lock) Merideth (portia swords)
Welcome to the Black Mask Syndicate, the official center of commerce and culture of the Cabbala Amartia. The purpose of the syndicate is to organize trade, institute structure, promote interaction, and increase opportunities for Cabbalans to earn coin and for non-Cabbalans to have reason to wander down to the depths.
The syndicate consists of three "Divisions" roughly based on collaboration between the office of the Slumlord, the Tax Collectors, and the Archive.
[Merchants] Are you a merchant struggling to find a foothold in the Cabbala? Perhaps a surface dweller wanting to explore expanding business into the caverns? The Syndicate offers an array of services for members and non-members that will help you find the success you've been dreaming of.
[Bankers] Got a flair for all things shiny? From lending and investing to gambling services, The Syndicate has a place for all manner of fiscal talents. Need coin fast? The Bankers have you covered.
[Archivists] Fancy yourself an investigator, an intellectual, or just looking to earn some easy coin? The Syndicate's Archive is s developing effort to preserve the legacy of the Cabbala Amartia; marking the names and deeds of its best and brightest citizens, epic deeds, and unique innovations.

Guild Application

Guild Name: Black Mask Syndicate
Guild Lead: Ashley Locks
Ashley Locks (themonster663) Romar (zirsnveblis) Merideth (portia.swords) Snowflake (chastity lock) Loup (lycan tyran)
Purpose: To organize the commerce sector of the Cabbala Amartia, institute structure, promote interaction, and increase opportunities for Cabbalans to earn coin and for non-Cabbalans to have reason to wander down to the depths.
3 "Divisions" roughly based on connections between the office of the Slumlord, the Tax Collectors, and the Cabbala Chronicle Consortium
Business (Ashley/Fool's Market) ○ Quests § Official mining & resource gathering § Mining, arcane, mushrooms/plants § Hunting & acquisition of exotic creatures (for display, showing, monster fights, etc) ○ Treasure hunts § Hunt down profitable targets, solve puzzles § Proceeds may fund other ventures within the Guild ○ Advertising help: for Cabbala businesses with low traffic or players that need help Finance (Tax collectors office/ Snowflake) (Gives tax collectors something to do when there aren’t delinquents to hunt down) ○ Gambling ○ Loans ○ Sell Insurance § Could do something to the "safe passage" papers that Davros used to do ○ Investing § Precious minerals □ Could have a fluctuating market for this much like gold § Assist in establishing tournaments The Archive (Romar/Cabbala Chronicle Consortium) ○ Information ○ Spy work ○ Cabbala Chronicle Consortium ○ Scouting/survey
Event idea to showcase your guild: □ Pirate hunt: Hunt down some rogue pirates and steal their booty. □ Ancient treasure: Solve puzzles to find a long forgotten treasure cache and defeat the spirit that guards it. Could have been part of the previous underground civilization. □ Fairy folly: find the truename of a fae and bully them into granting wishes.

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