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Planning and Meeting Notes
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Action items

Meeting Minutes/Agenda

Agenda 3/7/23 5pm slt

Discussion topics
Review and sign the charter.
Outline and assign duties
Discuss prospects and leads (and write up missions)
Rizzo and Army
Band of the Serpent
Ezekiel’s new guild
Investigate the new fae/witch presence in the forest
Shadows of Helheim or whatever that is
Discuss info from Dinnin
What perks should be offered to Syndicate members? Who joins versus just receives services?
Ran out of time to cover all agenda items at the meeting but the charter was reviewed and Ashley, Romar, and Merideth signed. A few leads were discussed; Band of the Serpent, Kobold Bronze Coin clan. Snowflake offered to speak to the archon about the possibility of reinstating safe passage paperwork. Ashley will take charge of decorating and furnishing the Guild hall, Merideth will assist with this where possible. Merideth will begin outreach to the Band of the Serpent through the Den. Snowflake has established a monitoring protocol with the new Kobold clan to track traffic from the Empire to and from the caverns. Romar discussed the business review given to Rizzo, the clan head. The kobold appear to have taken some of the advice. An overall lack of business strategy was noted to be prevalent among sellers and the next step will be how best to formulate plan to address the disparity. Payout funding was discussed and it was agreed that a grant of ten silver would be provided by Romar as seed funding until the venture became salient.

Meeting Template

Discussion topics
Topic 1
Topic 2
Subtopic A
Subtopic B
Topic 3

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