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The All-in-one Research Repo: How to quickly organize and uncover powerful insights

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Research Repo Template

A single source of truth to find the latest insights from your research team

What is this doc?

The all-in-one research repo is a centralized hub where your team can not only log research, but also make it much more discoverable with powerful custom search features.
At Vox Media’s product team, we wanted to create this because research was sometimes hard to find in our top-down folder system, and required you to know how to navigate down a tree of choices. We also wanted to reveal great research that we knew was relevant, but was hard to discover without asking someone on our team.
The research repo allows you to add your own tag system with related terminology that’s unique to your own team, and provides more flexibility on how great insights can be discovered by anyone who’s curious to learn more. With this repo, you can democratize findings more easily at scale.

1. Foundational research

If you’re new to ((Your company title)), we’re happy to help get you started. Here’s a roundup of our most important and comprehensive research, covering everything from editorial workflow to user sentiment:
(links to important research)

2. Ways to the repository

In our reports finder, can use filters to narrow down your search. Here’s a few tips:
Start with fewer filters, then keep adding from there.
If your text search is associated with an existing tag, we’ve included those results for you as well!
There are Optional filters that can help narrow things down:
Tag search includes options for named product areas (like walks).
Research methods lets you filter by if we did interviews, user testing, etc.
Org lists our research stakeholders.
Participants indicates who we researched, such as dogs or sitters.
And more!

3. Check out our !

The stats page shows you info about our reports, like click rates, reports by number, and even representative research we’ve done for any of the key categories.

4. Maintaining the repo

Check the to make sure it’s updated with the latest research
Go back to note outcomes/changes based on research
New important research gets a check in the Important column

5. How to use this template

If you haven’t already:
Create a copy of this doc
Go to and add you own list of research participants.
Go to and add your tags, you should include other words or form to tags, this will be used in the reports finder.
Go to and add all the research methods you use.
Go to and add organizations.
Finally, go to and add every report you’d like to include in the repository.

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