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Content Marketing 101 - Webinar - 08/20/2022

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Content Guideline

How to create better and more?

Writing & Storytelling

Writing clear and language-friendly articles is the first step toward a better content marketing strategy. You should be able to convey messages in simple paragraphs and avoid any mistakes. For that matter, the link below will help you!
But the more critical part of content marketing is the ability to tell a story. Stories drive traffic through, so they become potential leads and maybe a buyer at the end of the journey. The link below will help with storytelling


For your writings to be indexed, ranked, and get traffic, you need to optimize them for different search engines. The first part of optimization is creating high-quality content. For that, use the below link:


For simplification purposes, categorize your content strategy based on three simple forms of content:
Image (Instagram, Pinterest, Telegram, Facebook)
Text (Telegram, Twitter)
Video (Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube)
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