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Meeting Notes Synced with Google Calendar

Run your schedule with Google Calendar and track your meeting notes with Coda
Most of my scheduling is done through Google Calendar but I take meeting notes in Coda. This template shows how I merge the two using Coda’s Google Calendar Pack.
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With the pack, I can pull in a sync table that will show all of my meetings for a particular date range. I first set the overall range of what to sync in the pack settings. Hover over the Events table, click on Options, then click on Google Calendar Pack in the right pane. You’ll see sync options there. I then added a date range filter control so I can narrow down the list to my meetings for today, tomorrow, or whatever I happen to be planning for at that particular time. This is used by the table filter.
In the Events table, I’ve added a button and checkbox that let me copy the row over to a Meeting Notes table. As meetings come and go, I only copy over the ones I need notes for. This keeps both tables pretty clean and organized.
When a row is copied over to my Meeting Notes table, there is a Google Calendar Events column called “Meeting Info” that continues to sync event information from my calendar, so I still have current info like Start and End times.

Event Filters

Events from:
July 22-28, 2024
Include un-synced Events:
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