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I was estranged from my mom for 15 years. After six months of coaching with Yogi, I am talking to my mom regulary.
This has affected work.
Got a job / changed job shortly afterwards.

Mark C.
Mark Cernan
My coaching experience significantly enlightened me on sales techniques and mindset, prompting me to reflect deeper and integrate these values into my professional approach
I gotta say, today's 30min on sales is probably one of the most helpful sessions I've ever had on sales!

I've had several mentors tell me things like, "be curious", "serving", "be a giver", "identify their feelings", "be a straight-shooter an don't dance around".

The truth is, I don't really know what all of them meant as exemplified by my question today of "what does curiosity buy you?"

I wouldn't say I understand all the value propositions in sales. However, what I will do is to go back to Go Giver Sells More and identify and reflect these values, and bring them to coaching.

I realize that sale is difficult to learn and even more difficult to teach. It takes a combination of mindset training and technique training, and the right teacher is fluent in both. I'm glad I'm learning sales from a mindset coach:).
Richard Zhang
Through Yogi's transformative coaching, I've successfully transitioned to an individual contributor role, improved my leadership style, and developed meaningful personal habits, enhancing both my professional career and personal growth significantly
I offer my gratitude to my coach Yogi for helping me grow in the past 12 months on the occasion of Guru Purnima. I had been struggling to define clear goals for my career. I also wanted to improve my leadership skills. That's when I turned to Yogi for coaching. The transformation since then has been remarkable. Yogi guided me to establish meaningful goals and taught me the power of incorporating 365-day habits into my routine. These daily, incremental changes have led to significant personal and professional growth. One of the most tangible outcomes has been a successful transition from a managerial role to an individual contributor within F5, a goal I had aspired to achieve. But, the changes were not merely career-specific. I also noticed improvements in my interpersonal skills. Thanks to Yogi's unique and compassionate approach to communication, I have built strong rapport within my team and garner more respect now. Moreover, I've seen a transformation in my leadership style. I no longer find myself chasing people, but rather, I inspire them. This shift primarily comes from deeply listening to my team and their concerns. I've also incorporated several small habits into my daily schedule, such as spending 15 minutes to enhance my technical skills, 5 minutes of practicing the flute, and a 2-minute journaling session about my goals. Another subtle shift in myself I have noticed is that I smile more nowadays. These changes may seem minor, but collectively they've had a profound impact on my overall productivity and personal growth. Today, I stand more confident in setting meaningful goals and have faith in the disciplined processes I've implemented to achieve them. I look forward to taking this newfound discipline and confidence into the next year and seeing where it leads. Initially, I had concerns about the investment, considering it a significant cost. But I realized that it was a short-term expense that would yield long-term benefits. Looking back, I can confidently say it was absolutely worth it. To anyone considering Yogi's coaching but feeling unsure, I'd like to say this: If you are ambitious yet doubting your abilities or are unsure about setting your goals, this coaching will help you tremendously. While the investment may seem substantial, the benefits you'll reap are many times greater. I had done several free calls with Yogi prior to joining, which gave me confidence in his effectiveness. Take the leap, invest in yourself, and witness your transformation. You won't regret it. ​
Amit K Jaiswal
Amit Jaiswal
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