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Working at Yicom

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Join Us at Yicom: Let's Shape the Future Together 🚀

Hey there, talented tech enthusiast!
Yicom is a Hong Kong-based start-up on a mission to transform the corporate services industry. We're a remote-first team with a commitment to flexibility, transparency, and collaboration. Our team members span across Southeast Asia, primarily in Indonesia and the Philippines, and we work in the Hong Kong time zone.

Yicom Values: Building a Culture of Trust and Innovation 💡

We foster an environment where ideas thrive, and everyone's voice is heard. Our values are User Centricity, Default to Action, Growth, Collaboration, Trust, Transparency, Iteration, and Feedback. We believe in creating a positive, user-focused experience, taking initiative, continuously learning and improving, and working together to make great things happen.

Grow With Us: Your Development Is Our Priority 👩‍💻

Your professional growth is a priority.
Our team members have diverse opportunities to expand their skills and knowledge. You won't be siloed in a specific role; instead, we provide avenues for learning and career development in different areas of tech.

Work-Life Balance: Flexible Work Hours and Paid Leaves 🏖️

Your work-life balance is important to us. We have flexible work hours and a generous paid leave policy because we understand that life happens outside work, too!

Remote Work: Are You Set-Up for Success? 💼

As a fully remote team, we need to ensure that everyone is equipped for success.
A good computer with at least 8GB of RAM, a monitor, a quiet environment, and a good headset and camera for team video calls are essential. Self-organization, proactivity, and self-motivation are crucial for success in our remote work environment.

Compensation: Competitive and Fair 💰

We offer a competitive compensation, paid in USD, dependent on experience and location.
We believe in fair pay for your hard work and commitment.

Contract: Full time Freelance agreement

Reason for the freelance agreement is fairly simple, we are a small Hong Kong company, hiring people in different location across asia and cannot handle the complexity of having local legal entities everywhere.
Although we hire on a freelance agreement, we treat everyone as a full-time, long-term part of our team, complete with the same benefits. We even offer a competitive salary, flexible working hours, unlimited (reasonable) paid leave, monthly remote team-building events, and a yearly performance bonus.

Hiring Process: Joining the Yicom Family 🤝

Our hiring process is straightforward and transparent:
A 45-minute remote video call to evaluate technical skills, experience, and general personality traits.
A small development exercise, which should not take more than 2-3 hours, where you decide how long you need to do it.
An optional interview with a team member for culture fit and role expectations.
Interested in joining us? Check out our open positions and apply today. We're excited to meet you!

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