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Run your internal testing from a doc!

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About this doc

Test, triage, and squash bugs in your product prior to a large release all from a single doc.
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As a Product Manager at , I lead our Supplier team developing new features and offerings for the thousands of businesses looking to get their products stocked in retailers across the United States. Given the breadth of our product offerings and the types of devices our users use to access them, testing is critical to our process. Likewise, with our biweekly release schedule, it’s important our teams such as Sales and Customer Success know and understand the newest product releases before they talk with end users.
That’s where testathons come in. With testathons, we schedule time to make sure our team has time to identify any bugs prior to release but also has a chance to really understand the new user experiences we are releasing prior to launch.
That’s where this Coda doc comes in handy ー this is a glimpse into how our team was able to create a system that helps people stress test new releases as well as help Product Managers triage things that should be fixed/addressed prior to a full user launch.
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Who is this doc for?

This document is designed for Product Managers or people who are in charge of a new product release for their company looking to ensure two things:
Identify and triage any remaining bugs to ensure your new feature release works as intended
Ensure stakeholders across your team/company get a chance to dogfood the product before your end users.

Testing your product matters

When your team is getting ready to release a new feature, you want to make sure it’s working as intended. The last thing you want is to ship your product and watch your users struggle while using it because a bug slipped through internal QA testing.
Likewise, it’s important to ensure your team gets how your product works before, not after it’s in the hands of your end users.
Photo caption: A visual representation of your product when you launch it to users without adequately testing it.

How does this doc help?

With this doc, you can make sure everyone across your company has tested your product and also ensure you’ve gotten thorough testing and confirmation everything in your product is working as it should. More importantly, this is a great forcing function for your team to really understand the feature(s) you’re releasing.

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