Books and other required materials

Textbook: Available from the bookstore or Amazon. Fine to rent or to rent as e-books, but if your career aspirations include any kind of writing, I’d suggest buying your own.
Tompkins, Al. .
Clark, Roy Peter. .
The Sunday Long Read: There are a few specific assignments during the semester involving them, but mostly this is a feast for you to read every week because you’ll enjoy them.
Bring Your Own Technology: You will need a laptop and cameras that .
Slack: Instead of using the hated ELC or a class website, we’re going to be doing most coursework using , one of the fastest-growing communication platforms for media and technology organizations. This is an app many news organizations and other corporations are using to manage information and workflow. It’s designed to replace shared services, email, texting, etc. for all internal communications. The goal is to give you a sense of how “real world” work takes place. There are apps available for computer, tablet, phone, and Apple Watch, so please install on the devices you use for coursework. Slack “channels” are conversations involving all who subscribe, and we will be doing some work on beats and hosting discussions about skills and issues in those channels. You can also message classmates and me directly using direct messages just like Twitter. They show up on my phone and computers as quickly as texts and emails do. I’d prefer you ask me questions about class that way so you have a record of all class material there.
Adobe Creative Suite: You’ll need to get a license for . We’ll be using Audition, Photoshop, and Premiere for sure, and possibly others.
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