Multiplatform Story Production
JOUR 4090
Fall 2021
T-Th 9:35-10:50am, Journalism 242
Dr. David Welch Suggs, Jr.
423F Journalism
Office hours:
1-2:30pm Mondays and Wednesdays
or by appointment
Welcome to Dr. Suggs' section of multiplatform storytelling for fall 2021! The overall goal of this course is to find great stories and tell them. We will be using the skills and knowledge you've developed in previous journalism courses and experiences, and taking them to the streets in the community around us in Athens to find stories. We'll discuss and discover ways to tell those stories using words, images, audio and video. This will prepare you for your capstone experiences, but even more importantly, they will give you a chance to experience and reflect on the best part of journalism: getting to walk in other people's shoes for a little while, learn about their experiences, and take the stories and insights you develop to a broader audience. You should get ample opportunities to develop your work portfolios and to publish your work using Grady Newsource and other outlets.
Learning outcomes
By the end of this course, students will be able to…
Learn the world
Background: prepare for reporting through background research using news stories, social media, and big-picture interviews
Spend time in world
Practice interview and recording skills
Consider ethical approaches to telling a story that will appeal to diverse audiences
Find the stories
Interview main subjects
Interview subject-matter experts
Gather still photos of people and scenes
Gather a-roll and b-roll
Critique material and improve when necessary
Produce them for an audience
Develop shotlist for audio/video story
Develop outline for written story
Develop graphic
Build photo package
Produce video/audio story
Write story
Edit and critique final stories and materials

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