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Stacked Lock-up

Together with the main lockup, the stacked lock-up is the most flexible lock-up and the mark that best and most concisely captures the core of the brand.


Pobrecito_Stacked Logo.png
The stacked logo of Pobrecito is the main logo with “pobre” and “cito” stacked on top of each other. Use this version when the logo does not have sufficient horizontal space.

Color Variations

Color Combinations

Pobrecito_Stacked Primary Colors.png
Mix and match the colors provided following the of the brand. Choose colors that contrast well with each other, making sure that the logo is legible.

Black & White

Pobrecito_Stacked BW.png

Clear Space & Minimum Size

Clear space is a space surrounding the logo set to ensure elements around the logo will not overlap or obscure it. The clear space of the stacked lockup is equal to the width of the I.

Pobrecito_Stacked Clear Space.png

Pobrecito_Stacked Min Size.png
The minimum size of the stacked lockup is at a height of 1 inch. This is the smallest possible size that you can use this mark.


Pobrecito_Misuse H 1.png
Do not compress the logo when scaling.
Pobrecito_Misuse H 3.png
Do not shear the logo.
Pobrecito_Misuse H 5.png
Do not add any effects that skew the logos form or geometry.
Pobrecito_Misuse H 7.png
Do not add any gradients to the logo. Even if the colors are on brand
Pobrecito_Misuse H 2.png
Do not stretch the logo when scaling.
Pobrecito_Misuse H 4.png
Do not slant the logo.
Pobrecito_Misuse H 6.png
Do not use colors or color combinations that are off brand.
Pobrecito_Misuse H 8.png
Do not add any embellishments to the logo such as drop shadows, bevels, glows, etc.

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