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Creative Strategy

Brand Philosophy

A little guy that packs a punch

Pobrecito takes on the role of Pobre's little brother - a spunkier, playful brand that packs the same punch, just in a smaller package.
With its small plates and rice bowls, Pobrecito digs into the flavors that set Filipino cuisine apart from other Asian cuisines – a kick of saltiness, sweetness, and spice at just the right amounts. A small firecracker of flavor, right in your mouth.

Design Challenge

How might we...balance authentic Filipino flavors with the accessibility of a modern kitchen?


Bold comfort in a single serving
Pobrecito serves Filipino cuisine with bold flavors & reliable comfort you can keep coming back to. On their own, the dishes have light kick that can get you through the rest of your day, but we also encourage turning up the heat according to your preference.

Brand Values

The following are the values for the brand identity of Pobrecito but are not necessarily its official corporate or operational values.

🌶 Committed to Flavor

Representing the quality of food

Pobrecito is committed to serving only the best flavors consistently, day-in and day-out - making sure every bite adds value to your day.

💥 Bold & Unafraid

Representing Pobrecito’s approach to cooking

Pobrecito is unafraid to be bold and playful. From a little spice kick, to small bombs of flavor, the brand does not shy away from exciting diners through food.

🤗 Reliable Comfort

Representing Pobrecito’s service

As a quick service, fast casual restaurant, Pobrecito still holds the comfort of its diners as its highest priority. Pobrecito’s service focuses on optimizing the levels of ease and delight in which customers enjoy their meals - from dine-in to take-out.

🤝 Recommendations

① Position as "Modern Filipino Comfort" – creating a balance of authenticity & approachability
Present Filipino food as something approachable to a European audience by communicating a modern interpretation of comfort food.

② Customizability: Add-ons for sauce, toppings - bringing bolder flavor to any dish
Encourage diners to explore the sauces & flavors available in the restaurant to maximize their dining experience. Explore retail by bottling up sauces and other condiments for diners to bring back home.

③ Utilizing the menu as a guide, adapting fast food signage & displays for easy ordering & takeaway
Ease people into unfamiliar food by making the journey of ordering both simple and memorable.

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