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I got a sourdough starter, what now?

Congratulations for starting on your sourdough journey! It is a really really fun one! And the positive thing, is that you get amazing food out of it along the way! If you have any questions, feedback or requests, head over to and fire away. I will reply as fast as possible

Where to start, the starter of course

The pun was intended! You probably got the starter from a friend, neighbour, restaurant or something, and was shared this link to get a handbook on where to begin. If you did not get a starter from someone but still got this link, you can always head over to , to do the first steps yourself.
The first thing needed is to understand how to keep the starter you received or made, healthy. Because we want to keep the starter happy and healthy to be able to bake with it! Head over to to make sure the basis are in place. Come back when ready to move on.

Next step is baking

It moves quickly! But that is the world of sourdough. Its not really that complex 😇
Head over to to get started.

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