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CV Stanislav Volosov
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Stanislav Volosov

🏠 Tbilisi, Georgia
📞 +995597936114


Ukrainian: Native Russian: Native English: B1 Georgian: A1

About Me

Hello. My name is Stas. For the past 4 years, I've been passionate about project activities.
I'm driven by: creativity of thought, responsibility, acquiring new skills and technologies, skilled colleagues, trust and partnership, thinking outside the box.
I believe that everything we do makes life better.
I want to create cool products that solve people's problems and make their lives more convenient.

Work Experience

Customer Support Manager Skyeng September 2018 - April 2019
Administrator Speaking Clubs Skyeng July 2019 - March 2020
Operation Manager Speaking Clubs Skyeng March 2020 - August 2021
Project Manager Bonus Products Skysmart August 2021 - March 2023
Product Owner Bonus Products Skysmart March 2023 - Present


Skills list
Excel and Google Sheets
Process optimization
Project Management
Product Analytics
SQL, PostgreSQL
Design (Figma)
Collaborating with developers
Team Management
Time Management
Team work
Multitasking, Troubleshooting, Proactivity
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Revenue: x3 Achieved by introducing a new subscription type with features not available in the regular subscription. To a lesser extent, it was achieved by creating new class formats and increasing demand for class slots, upselling during the introductory lesson in case of opting out of the primary product.
Attendance rate: 53% → ~80% Improved by fine-tuning the class schedule and determining convenient slots for all levels and student classes.
Lifetime: 3 months → 6 monthsLTV: +35% Achieved by introducing a core course format (weeks categorized into topics such as space, science, lifestyle, hobbies, etc.), increasing the quantity of materials designed for longer durations (12 months). The 1-month subscription was removed from the storefront.
Churn: -15% Addressed by handling objections during returns, replenishment, and working on a backlog of objections.
C2: ~10% → 33% Achieved by setting up post-subscription email campaigns (7 days after expiration).
Intensity: Free 1.5 → 3.7, Paid 7.7 → 11.2 Accomplished by creating various class formats that users can sign up for throughout the day. Class themes do not repeat during the week.
MAU: +15% Resolved the issue of users who were unaware of or forgot about the bonus subscription through profile notifications and emails.
Support tickets: 3000 → 120 pcm Training other teams, optimizing the customer journey map, and developing a detailed FAQ.
Team ​I’m upgraded three team members: an teacher turned content producer, a support manager turned project manager, and an teacher promoted to the role of lead of teachers. For the group format, we created a profile of the ideal teacher. Exceptional and charismatic teacher boost club attendance and foster a sense of community among students.
Building metrics and dashboards in the product Collaborated with analysts to create detailed dashboards that facilitated effective decision-making and improved various performance indicators. Automated tracking of payments, the number of active users across different categories, class attendance based on various attributes (levels, instructors, formats), and budget tracking. The attendance dashboard for clubs helped identify peak visitation hours and increased attendance from 53% to 80%.
Schedule system development and optimisation Created tools for regularly scheduling user classes, reducing the time spent on class scheduling to 1-1.5 hours per week (250-300 classes).
Launch of group classes in mathematics, physics, preschool preparation, and programming for children Expanded the range of group class subjects. Recruited instructors and initiated content creation processes.
Introduction of new group learning formats and content development Designed a format for self-study group sessions. Prepared topics for standard clubs, including themes and questions for discussion.

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