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Local Resilience VIPER

We are a Local Digital funded project developing solutions to help identify vulnerable people in an emergency.

What is VIPER?


VIPER stands for Vulnerability Indicators for Properties in Emergency Response. VIPER contains two key elements, firstly it is a set of data policies and procedures that enable vulnerability indicators to be quickly shared during an emergency.
Secondly, VIPER is a software tool that processes this data, visualises it, and allows emergency responders to identify the location of vulnerable households during an emergency.
The project, funded by , is working towards a unified regional solution covering Cleveland LRF, Cumbria LRF, Durham & Darlington LRF and Northumbria LRF. In January of 2024, the project welcomed new stakeholders from Cheshire LRF, Lancashire LRF, Greater Manchester LRF, and Merseyside LRF.

Local Resilience VIPER is proud to be a Local Digital funded project.
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