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Project roadmap

What we're working on as part of the Local Digital funded project.
Project Roadmap
Kick off workshop
Jul 10
Project outcomes planning
Jul 20
First review
Aug 8
In person workshop
Sep 25
Prototype Shared
Oct 31
Deliver Outcomes - Phase 1
Dec 13
Phase 2 - Kick off workshop
Jan 10
Data and legal agreements
Mar 31
Resolve data flow challenges
Mar 31
Develop new prototype
Apr 30
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Data sharing
Not started
Data sharing / SaaS agreements
Data Sharing Agreement between VIPER entity and data owners and responders to be drafted.
What data - impact on sharing?
As I project member I need to understand the type of data we might be dealing with and the limitations on the sharing so that we can sharing the data with confidence.
What should the primary data source be?
Who’s involved in data sharing
As a newcomer I need an understanding of the people or roles involved in data sharing so that I can make sense of the complexities and map them in a tool
Who is responsible within Cumbria for data sharing?
Automated data sharing
As a user of VIPER I want the most straightforward process to physically share the data in an emergency situation. Automation where possible.
In progress
What types of data are there?
As a newcomer I need to understand the different type of data we might need to share in an emergency Each of these needs a name and a description Example Name : Fractures Description : People who have recent broken a bone and are currently receiving out patient care
Where are we with data sharing
As a project member I need to understand the current activity related to data sharing so that we don’t repeat ourselves, can support areas where they are facing challenges.
Which types of organisations
As a newcomer I need to understand the different types of organisations within and outside an LRF might need to share data with each other so that the relationships can be mapped
Authorisation Required
As a user I need to be confident that the system is secure so that the data I’m adding is looked after and not viewable by the wrong people.
Data questionnaire - to include questions to help answer user story queries.
What do we need to know about the organisations we need to get data out of, in order to get data out of them.
What is meant by sharing data in BAU? If an organisation shares data with a system, operated by a body, does this constitute data sharing?
Prototype of mapping tool
As a member of the project team I need to see a prototype of the mapping tool so I can understand how it might work and contribute ideas for improvement
Which data has the most value
As a person in an emergency response I need to understand which data is most valuable so that I can ask for the most pressing data first. What are a the categories for data value and how should we define them
Publish to Azure
As a user I need to be able to access the system over the internet and have it be support by world class infrastructure, so that the app is always available and responsive.
Who do I contact when I need data?
As someone who needs data in an emergency I need to know who to contact at each of the agencies that can help, so that i can go directly to the correct person
Can I share data?
As an officer who wishes to share data I need to understand the structure of permissions and the means by which it may happen so that in an emergency I can be confident in sharing the data I have access to
VIPER - Product - User Stories
Not started
Data sharing (data officer)
As an information governance officer, I want to ensure that data is only shared in response to an emergency so that I am operating within the scope of current legislation.
Data sharing (data officer)
As an information governance officer, I want to ensure that any system used to share data is secure so that I can share it without being concerned about who may gain access to the data.
Updating VIPER in emergency response
As an emergency responder, I want to add information relating to my response, so other responders can view what has / hasn’t been actioned.
Cross LRF Incidents
As an emergency response user I want to be able to view data from vulnerable households across Local Authority and LRF boundaries so that I can respond to an incident that occurs across these boundaries appropriately.
Incident access (admin)
As an admin user, I want to give proportionate and rapid access to a group of emergency responders so that they can quickly respond to an emergency in their area.
Incident access (data officer)
As a data governance / protection officer I want to ensure that the level of access given to users is geographically proportionate to the response, so that the sharing of the data meets the requirements of the Vital Interest clause, but doesn’t go beyond that.
Vulnerability types
As an emergency responder I want to know what type of vulnerability the household has so that I can respond appropriately.
Vulnerable Person
As a vulnerable person, I want my data to be shared with those who need to use it so that they can identify me and ensure that I am safe and well during an emergency response situation.
Vulnerable Person 2
As a vulnerable person, I want my data to be safeguarded appropriately, so that only the people who need it to help me in emergency response can see it.
Emergency Responder
As an emergency responder I want to identify vulnerable households in a designated emergency response area so that I can prioritise visits to the designated houses and ensure they are safe and well.
Data availability (admin)
As a VIPER admin, I want to have the ability to instantly make data in a certain areas available so that emergency responders can quickly respond to any incident.
In progress
Reporting an incident (admin)
As an admin user, I want to report that an incident has occurred, the type of incident that has occurred and where it has occurred so that I am able to provide information to the responders who need it.
Geography of solution
As a project stakeholder I want to understand the geography of a solution and whether there is one solution or many for each LRF.
Data standards
Are we adopting Cumbria model? (address only, OS API lookup). Do we have defined quality threshold for data before it is used in VIPER?
Operational model
As an information governance officer I want to understand how the system is hosted and who operates it so that I can understand how I can support this and ensure I am sharing data in a way that that affords little risk, is proportionate, and secure.
Task 4
Group 1

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