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Briefing Notes

May 2024 - End of Project Phase Report
This paper summarises progress to date as of May 2024, when the phase of the project funded by DLUHC came to a close. The project hopes to resume activity soon, funding dependent.
End of Project Report - VIPER.pdf
365.1 kB
December 2023 - Project Update Briefing Note
This paper gives an updated overview of the project.
Briefing Note 2 - VIPER.pdf
544.1 kB
October 2023 - Lawful Bases Paper - Owen Thomas - Deputy DPO, Sunderland City Council.
This paper describes the legal bases for data sharing during an emergency and what this means in the context of VIPER. Submitted to the North East DPO Forum event on 19th October.
VIPER Lawful Bases Paper.pdf
104.5 kB

August 2023 - Briefing Note Short Version ​This version contains a basic overview of VIPER and the project.
Briefing Note - VIPER (Vulnerability Impacts for Properties in Emergency Response) - v1.pdf
158.1 kB

August 2023 - Briefing Note Long Version ​This contains a more detailed overview and additional information on how VIPER is currently operating in Cumbria.
Briefing Note - VIPER (Vulnerability Impacts for Properties in Emergency Response) - v4.pdf

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