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PRD: [Room Type Specific Photos]

RedDoorz's Product Requirements Document

Room Type Specific Photos
Adam Davis
Evan Davies
Lola Tseudonym
Room Type-Room Photos Integration & add room types as subtitles on each room photo
@Early Thinking
Oct 8, 2022

Problem Alignment

The Problem

Based on our research, there are complaints about users having trouble trying to distinguish which photo is of which room. Leaving users with a vague idea on what they’re actually getting.
Since users can’t tell and accurately distinguish, they’ll just go with their guts and guess, this risky method could lead into huge increase of user dissatisfaction and churn rate.

High-level Approach

To prevent the users from wild guessing and being left dissapointed, we are finding a solution to clear users confusions on which photo is of which room so that they’d have a clear idea on what they’re actually getting, which is by integrating specific set of photos on each room type & address room type names as subtitles on each room page photos. So that users are able to learn, compare, and determine room types based on the photos.
This would help solve customers’ confusion and indecisiveness, as well as to boost completed bookings without complaints, which will translate and we could later refer to increased conversion rate, and the increase of CSAT score.

Goals & Success

Our goal for this feature is to increase conversion rate and user satisfaction, which could be hallmarked by >5% increase in conversion rate, 15% increase in completed bookings, along with 20% increase in NPS & CSAT score, because these features focus on user decision-making journey and satisfaction.
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