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PRD: [FAQ & Help Page Access]

RedDoorz's Product Requirements Document

FAQ & Help Page Access
Mary Jones
Maria Marquis
Justin Hales
FAQ Subpage creation & Help Page open access
@Early Thinking
Sep 8, 2022

Problem Alignment

The Problem

Based on our research, there are complaints about the inaccessible help page before booking. Causing users to have a hard time finding all the answers and informations, so they are often left confused and hesitate to book. Since users can’t access the help page without first booking a room, they’ll bounce and try to browse for answers and reviews. This leads to the increase of our bounce rate and user dissatisfaction.

High-level Approach

To prevent the users from bouncing off the platform, we are providing all the answers and informations so they won’t be left confused and could book with no hesitation, by creating a FAQ subpage and opening access to Help Page.
This would help answer customers’ questions and confusions, as well as to boost user satisfaction, which will translate and we could later refer to increased conversion rate, and the decrease of bounce rate.

Goals & Success

Our goal for this feature is to increase conversion rate and user satisfaction, which could be hallmarked by >10% increase in conversion rate, 15% increase in customer retention rate, along with 25% increase in NPS & CSAT score, because these features focus on conversion and user satisfaction.
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