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PRD: [Change Reservation Dates Feature]

RedDoorz's Product Requirements Document

Change Reservation Dates
Yuhki Yamashita
Mary Jones
Modify users reservations & re-schedule booking dates
Aug 8, 2022

Problem Alignment

The Problem

Based on our findings, there are many complaints regarding the re-scheduling issue, and a re-scheduling feature is one of the most requested services from our users. Customers might cancel or re-schedule due to many factors, and currently, we do not have a feature that could facilitate the issue, so in order to re-schedule their reservations, they have to do everything manually, from cancelling the booking, waiting for the refund, and eventually re-book on the desired dates. This leads to the increase of user dissatisfaction and hesitancy, which plays a factor in our cancellation rate and churn rate increase.

High-level Approach

To prevent the booked stays from being wasted and solve the hassle users have to go through, we are providing flexibility for users in case anything comes up and they need to change dates without having to re-book, by creating a feature where users could modify their reservations and change their booking dates. This would help solve customers’ doubts and uncertainty, as well as to boost user satisfaction, which will translate and we could later refer to increased revenue, completed bookings, and the decrease of cancellation & churn rate.

Goals & Success

Our goal for this feature is to increase revenue, conversion rate, and user satisfaction, which could be hallmarked by >15% increase in revenue, 10% increase in customer retention rate, along with 20% increase in NPS & CSAT score, because our key metrics are revenue and customer retention.

Solution Alignment

Key Features

Change Reservation Dates
A "change reservation dates" button on existing booking page, that allows users to add the new check-in and check-out dates.
Reschedulable Label
A label that states which rooms and/or which payment methods are eligible for the re-schedule feature.
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User Flows

User Flow Diagram for RedDoorz Re-schedule Feature (2).png

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