Call for Submissions

The Future

What are your hopes & fears for our communities and the world beyond COVID-19?
How might our societies look after we move past the current pandemic? In what ways will our cities and neighbourhoods change?
How will we behave differently? And how might our relationships with our institutions & technologies, travel & the environment, each other, and ourselves transform?
How do we get there, and where will we be headed then?

In these tumultuous times, it's important to collectively take a step back to reflect upon how we ended up here, and to envision what opportunities and challenges might lie ahead. Sharing forward-thinking ideas and stories can also help make our journeys through foreboding circumstances less isolating and arduous.

You're invited to submit a piece of writing or art imagining a world where the current pandemic is a shared memory.

This can be somber or lighthearted, and anyone is welcome to share their vision. A select number of submissions will be featured on
The Future
blog (and eventually as a free digital book), while most others will be posted in a public archive.

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