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Victoria, BC Community Portal

Resilience Through Connection
⚠️ Note: A lightweight, login-free version of this site can now be found at .
This site is designed to be an approachable entry point for connecting to , , , and which foster community resilience in the midst of COVID-19 . It is also intended to be a junction for the many incredible, but digitally-divided, community pandemic response initiatives and online groups in the region (and elsewhere).
All of the information on this site is now also available as a set of pdfs as well:

Although some of this information is specific to Victoria, BC, people in other areas are more than welcome to use it as a template by clicking the "Copy doc" button in the upper right hand corner - which will allow you to customize your own version of it (for
). You may also want to take a look at and for more inspiration.
Special thanks to the for offering a free three-month upgrade to Coronavirus response projects on their platform.

🌱 Made with care by a community member in self-isolation.
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