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Every detail for your next product launch.

🏦 Business intro

What is the business basis and business model?

📋 What is project about?

In one sentence, what are we building?

End users / audience

Who are main audience of the product?

How does it work?

Mental model

Business goals

Short term: what we want to achieve in 3 months
Long term: what we trying to reach overall

🗺 Scope

What should be done

Articulate the clear scope of the project. Think about what is included and also about what isn’t?

Definition of success

How would you measure the success of our partnership?

Measurement strategy

What are the KPI we will look on to define success and how we will measure it


Simply describe the steps you’re going to take without any time bounding

🧰 Tech stack

Task tracking:
Design: Figma / Sketch / Framer / XD / Paint
Back-end: .

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