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Eng ZŁY - Materiały pomocnicze do konkursów

Contests for comics and board games


If you've dreamed of creating a comic book and don't know how to start, check out these content:

How to create a comic?

Start by writing a script - find a writer if you can't - and vice versa, if you're a writer, find a graphic artist. You can join the competition as a team. Here are some EXAMPLE SCENES: - get to know them for inspiration or adapt as you wish. See also and other SUPPORTING MATERIAL below: as well as educational video materials:

How to create a board game?

You have to start with a prototype. Draw the board, pieces / chips and other game elements, then describe the instructions. Browse the materials below.
You can base the board game in our competition, e.g. around the City (see: ) or Heroes (see: )

Examples of Concepts / Mechanics

Cooperative - fighting the mafia in the city
Strategic - taking control of the City Districts
Adventure - set around the story of the book - see i/lub


What else would help you in creating a board game?

- inspirations from other board games?
- other genre concepts?
- prototypes of other board games?
- a series of articles / vlogs on how to make board games?
- other (what?)
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