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About the city

The city was murdered, burned to the ground by the fire of War. A decade later, a new life is painfully born on his remains.
In the city's broken heart, the invaders put the shining Palace to their glory. There are still secrets of war hidden in the sea of ​​ruins overgrown with weeds, in forgotten bunkers and canals. In decaying suburban villas, old world tombs dream of days of bygone glory. Meanwhile, in bullet-proof tenement houses and new, dense blocks of flats, ordinary people try to lead ordinary lives. The pre-war order is gone, and the new laws live only on paper. So far, the street is ruled by the law of the fist. This is a time without rules, a time of crooks, apparatchiks and gangsters.
The past is dead, the future is uncertain. At dances and bazaars, in party offices, editorial offices and suspicious dives, in the dark and in the light, an invisible war is waging against the soul of the City.
The city in our game is inspired by the post-war Warsaw of Leopold Tyrmand, which before 1939 was called the "Paris of the East". The world of "Evil" stands at a crossroads - between what it was, what is left of it and how - in an aura of forging a new, oppressive system - it is rising from the rubble.
East and West, death and life, crushed facades of cathedrals and a monumental, snow-white palace. This City will not leave anyone indifferent, forcing them to choose their own path at every step. Be his legend or his terror. Indifference is not an option.

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