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Eng ZŁY - Materiały pomocnicze do konkursów
Contests for comics and board games

Treatments of sample scenes

Read the following treatments for inspiration, you can also draw a comic based on them or base the plot of a board game:


Two MEN are walking straight ahead. At some point, MAN 1 runs into MAN 2 - he nudges him with his shoulder.
MAN 1: Be careful when you walk, you scoundrel ... so you don't cry afterwards!
It strikes again and again. MAN 2 gets blows and at some point extends his hand.
MAN 2: You will lose, brother, you have to lose, you can kill me now, but it will be finally calm here, he will see ...
Punch takes a hand. A struggle.
They FIGHT (effectively) - in the end the hooked one loses ... He's in the blood, the other goes away.
In the background, white eyes in the darkness watch it.


Marta Majeska (25), a pretty young woman, stands in the line at the pharmacy. Every now and then someone wet, steaming with moisture and cold, squeezes into a warm, overcrowded pharmacy and stands in line. He's trying to buy drugs for his ailing mom. It is not that simple, because there are only substitutes and for that you need a different recipe. Marta, however, begs the pharmacist, who, when she finds out that it is for her mother, manually corrects the prescription and administers the drugs. Satisfied, Marta leaves the pharmacy with a precious prize.
The bottles are broken on the pavement. Marta has tears in her eyes. Two guys are laughing, one is drunk. It was one of them who knocked the bottles from Martha's hand - the drunk one. Marta shouts that she will call the militia. The situation is near the kiosk. A bully runs up from under him and threatens Marta, and stirs up the crowd that she is guilty. However, there are witnesses who say it is not. At one point, one of them pushes Marta with all her might to the kiosk. Everyone smashes the crowd and runs away. Suddenly the white eyes of one of the shadows flash. HEAR the beating sounds.
All the bullies lie in the mud, bleeding profusely. Martha, standing up, sees a figure with white eyes going into the shadows.


Marta meets her fiancé Zenon there, who is a hockey player who is about to play a match. Zenon addresses Marta-Majka, probably from the surname Majewska.
At the NAGLE ice rink, a scuffle breaks out. Some thugs knocked the girl over and cut her with a skate. Zenon catches up to the girl and gives first aid. She asks who it is - the girl points her hand at the boys in thugs who, while standing on the ice rink, throw stones at the match lamp. At one point, the LAMP BREAKS, there is a BANG and it becomes dark. The bullies begin to drive around the rink and spread a scare. Zenon gets to what broke the lamp. He is immediately surrounded by his fellow bully: "sweaty faces, dirty scarves, rotten teeth, breaths of water." The bully explains himself carelessly, Zeno cannot believe it, says it to Martha. Suddenly, she notices white eyes in the darkness and riding crowd that flash in front of her and disappear ...
One of the bullies catches up with a short gentleman in knickers, grabs his hand and demands a loan of money. Another boy, driving at full throttle, cuts the man, another slaps his skate on the back and tears at the pocket of his pants. The man screams for help. The bully leans over the man, orders to be quiet and rides a skate over his face, cutting his cheek. He takes his wallet from his torn pocket and after a while he signals all his friends to run away. The man wipes the blood from his cheek.
A VOICE FROM THE MEGAPHONE sounds and orders the audience to leave the rink.
Marta asks Zenon to take him home. He doesn't really want to miss training and the match, but succumbs to ...
During this time, a group of 6 rogues nearby counts stolen money from their wallet. Suddenly another figure rushes between them, like a thunderbolt. Floating, fighting, lightning-fast kicks in the mouth, abdomen, neck, heart. The bullies cough and choke with pain and fear.
“Then, too, thrown with the force of a steam hammer, the bulky figure opened its eyes with a groan, and this was the cause of her complete defeat. Opposite her eyes, other eyes blazed in the darkness, so frighteningly white that their knees were numb when they were squat and angular. The bully leaps to his feet and escapes to the ruins of the church. Marta and Zenon see him and they return home.
After a while, Marta and Zenon hear a SCREAMING SCREAM emerging from the ruins of the church.


Doctor HALSKI (30) gets on the trolleybus of line 54. Behind him are several students, a nun, three housewives, two fitters from the municipal power plant, an elderly man in a long-eared cap, an infantry officer, a skittish man with long hair, a painted girl in a yellow a handkerchief. The bus begins to reign PISTON and CLOCK. The driver starts moving, but after a while he stops to chase those who hanged themselves on the trolleybus. When it succeeds, it moves on.
The crowd pushes Halski to the young WOMAN (25) standing in front of him, he apologizes to her, she smiles flirtatiously, has red-chestnut hair. Halski smiles back, they are still standing tight, while at the next stop another batch of passengers is pushing. A pair of BLIND OLD PEOPLE (80) gets in. Nobody gives way to them, which some passengers are indignant about. There are two YOUNG MEN sitting there. THE POWER PLANT FITTER (55) draws their attention. They get up and give way to the Blind, but with a grudge against Monter, looking at him aggressively. An exchange of views takes place between them, which leads to a Brawl. The fitter gets in the face from Young Man 1 - blood is gushing from his nose. The second pushes him, the latter hits his head and loses consciousness.
This is observed by Halski, who begins to squeeze there. Young Man 2 grabs the handbrake and opens the door - the hooligans run out of the bus. Halski, however, notices a dark figure lunging behind them - white eyes FLASH.
Halski shouts that he is a doctor and comes to help the injured Monter. HEAR THE SOUND OF AN EMERGENCY. They take Monter out of the trolleybus. When Halski leaves the trolleybus, he notices that not only Monter needs first aid. Two Young Men are also affected. The old lady screams that some rogue has beaten them up ... Halski leans over to help the fitter, but then an ambulance appears and takes the injured.
Halski enters the telephone booth, looking carefully at all the injured. He dials the number and asks to speak to the editor of Kolanko.


The story of how Halski goes on a date with Marta Majewska. They flannel around Warsaw. They tell about the series of cases they saw in the city - they all share the character of the Evil One. They enter a dance party, where they dance meeting the local mafia - the Merynos team - the president of the cooperative and, in fact, the main gangster of the City. Marta meets her fiancé Zenon there - a hockey player ... It is an awkward situation. The fiancé says he will walk Majka (as he calls her). Halski tries to stop them, says that he will walk her away, but Marta chooses to go with Zenon ... Halski was left alone in the club.
He is being picked up by Olympia - a girl who caught Merino's eye. Due to loneliness, Halski goes with Olimpia to her apartment. There, however, nothing happens, Halski informs Olimpia that she is one day late, that his heart belongs to Martha and that he is leaving. Olimpia is left alone with tears in her eyes.
Halski is attacked while walking down the street. He loses consciousness. A dark figure follows the bullies who attacked him. Only her white eyes are visible.

Do you have your treatment / script and no graphic artist?

Submit a treatment / comic script yourself, which will be published on this page as supporting material. Send it along with na maila:
If a cartoonist takes a script from the page and submits a comic - we will consider you part of the team of creators - we will consider both creators as contestants and in the case of the award they will get it together.
We do not expect awards for the scripts themselves, but we do not rule out cooperation with the authors :) We invite you.

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