Anonymity in a Digital World

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Week 8-9: Anonymity


Keep up point pace; a good goal is 120-140 points before our citation unit.
Have you accomplished a major piece of the project yet? Get it done!


Points Available (so many!)

We now have three point boards up. You can earn additional points that way. You also earn 4 points each time you learn with us in class. Workshopping projects, writing project memos, workshopping other’s project memos are help you earn points. If you have an idea of how you can get more points, share it with us on slack.

To earn your points, navigate to the

(find “in progress” these two required pieces)

Random points from activities/in-class stuff

In-Class Activity 3/17 (in progress)


Mesa and BOB
Alaskachick907 and Z02
napkinsandwater and Dr. Oog
Yuki and CooperTheCow
PictureFrame and Sublime Beauty
dantie and Coomer and AkFireProspect
Pat and Wolfy
Ethan and IfearMickJagger33 and JimBoy23
Do a little digging on your profile partner. What can you learn?
Spaces to check out
This Coda Doc (check out )

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