Anonymity in a Digital World

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Week 6-7: Interaction


At the end of this inquiry is Spring Break. Take a minute to reflect on what this means for your project completion. Share any of this as a


Excerpt from the open source textbook

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Points Available (so many!)

We now have three point boards up. You can earn additional points that way. You also earn 4 points each time you learn with us in class. Workshopping projects, writing project memos, workshopping other’s project memos are help you earn points. If you have an idea of how you can get more points, share it with us on slack.

To earn your points, navigate to the

(find “in progress” these two required pieces)
(find Project Manifesto)
Try to have banked 100 points by Spring Break as a good pace for completion with an A.
Gruening 301 Class on 2/24/2022
Made a class Twitter profile @digitalanon23
Created a new account through gmail (see SLACK for password)
Share your twitter handle if you want (create one for this class or use one you have going up to you; optional; direct message Sarah in slack if you do this; you will earn 3 points if you interact.)
@s42stanley is Sarah’s
used class account to make a twitter profile
twitter profile is here
what do you notice about Twitter right now?

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