Anonymity in a Digital World

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Week 4-5: Viral Media


Accomplish a milestone in your project. For example if you are planning on creating a series of posts, design one and submit it for feedback. Or, if your project is about curation, start designing your database. What will be the information you seek to find from multiple places? Or if you are “building a website” pick your platform. Share any of this as a
Find something tangential that has been viral in relation to your project. Show and Tell us about it.

Helpful Links

Points Available (so many!)

we now have the accessibility and the viral media board up. You can earn additional points that way. You also earn 4 points each time you learn with us in class. Workshopping projects, writing project memos, workshopping other’s project memos are help you earn points. If you have an idea of how you can get more points, share it with us on slack.

To earn your points, navigate to the

(find “in progress” these two required pieces)
(find Project Manifesto)

Examples of Viral Media 2/8

Memes from other countries


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