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Guide to Pause Buffered Short Boost for Early Screw

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Now, on the pause screen hold down on the stick and advance a single frame. This one must be a single frame! We aren’t referencing the map screen anymore, so feel free to do +/- frame advances.
After this, hold the stick left and frame advance twice. This one is relatively lenient, I’ve seen it work with the two frames total buffered here and also with four frames total.
Screen Shot 2022-11-06 at 9.29.30 AM.png
Immediately after this you’ll be around this position
And if all goes well you’ll eventually settle into this position where your head is lined up with this seam in the background. You must end up in this position or the rest of the setup will not work. If you are out of position, restart and try again. Not getting a single frame down input seems like the most likely reason to slide out of position. Ignoring this will often lead you to the lower platform with a lot of wasted health, so don’t be lazy!
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