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Guide to Pause Buffered Short Boost for Early Screw

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This is a guide for how to execute a pause buffered short boost for early screw attack.
This is what it looks like:
By pause buffering, we transform a trick of precisely timed inputs into one where the only real challenge is consistently advancing one or two frames at a time. This makes the trick more manageable and consistent, but frame advancing with pauses isn’t trivial, it takes a little practice.
Its also worth noting that there are different setups and timings than what we are doing in this guide that can lead to a valid shortboost, but differences cascade through the trick — we overspecify here so that we can rely on specific points of reference in the trick.
This is a setup worked out by Zas, all credit to him.
Following his guides, I got a little caught up on a few things, so I made this guide to hopefully help people past those things a little bit more smoothly. Still, it’s worth looking at his guides, so here they are.
Thanks also to RbxQbr, whose modifications to the method I very much copied.
If you get stuck, your best bet is probably the #help channel of the Metroid Dread Speedrunning Discord Server. Feel free to ping me directly (@threeandthree), and other people tend to be pretty quick to help as well.
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