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Welcome to the very first conference on sustainable development organised by Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and Sorbonne Développement Durable will take place on April 21 and 22 online.
The conference brings together Ph.D. students from all around the world and from a variety of disciplines to talk about their solution to sustainable development.
The conference will discuss about four main topics:

A more detailed program is available here and the official website is the following
We welcome everyone to attend the conference, listen the speakers, interact and collaborate with them. That’s the idea! 💡
To attend the conference, use the following Zoom link for day 1 and for day 2
We open a Slack channel to give the opportunity for every one to ask questions directly during the conference → Open that invite link and be part of our community

Who we are?


Sorbonne Développement Durable
is to train a new generation of researchers and decision-makers who will have the disciplinary expertise and interdisciplinary knowledge fit to address and solve sustainable development’s societal challenges
Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
is the first fully COP certified university and the UN academic impact program’s human rights hub
Cité du développement Durable
La Cité du développement durable, a unique cluster bringing together players in sustainable development and ecological transitions & the Task Force UNA EUROPA Sustainability of Paris 1 which includes an alliance of eight European research universities
: Paris 1 researcher, art department
: Paris 1 and IEDES researcher, “Développement et sociétés” department
: Paris 1 PhD candidate
: Paris 1 PhD candidate


There are 19 speakers representing universities across the world
All the information are available for each Ph.D student, in the page

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