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Monthly Progress: Flora Vythiri Google Ads Campaigns

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Auction Insights

Auction Insights in Google Ads is a tool that helps advertisers analyze their ad performance in comparison to their competitors. It provides data on metrics like impression share, average position, and overlap rate, allowing advertisers to identify opportunities and make strategic decisions to improve their campaigns. Overall, Auction Insights is a valuable tool for understanding competition and optimizing ad performance.
Auction insights for Flora Vythiri
Flora Vythiri has a fantastic top-of-page rate of 92.57%. This means when our ads are displayed, they're almost always in those highly visible top positions! It's a sign that our ads are super relevant to what people are searching for.
Currently, our impression share is below 10%. This means there's still a wide world of potential customers searching for what Flora Vythiri offers, but they may not be seeing our ads yet. Exploring a modest increase in ad spend could significantly expand our reach.
We're seeing strong visibility from, and's ads show alongside ours quite frequently because of their allocated ad budget is high. This gives us great insight into the competitive landscape and where to focus our efforts.
Right now, our absolute top-of-page rate is 28.20%. Let's explore ways to push that even higher – this will make a big impact on people seeing Flora Vythiri first.

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