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Monthly Progress: Flora Misty Falls Google Ads Campaigns

Flora Misty Fall's Google Ads campaigns for the period 2/29/2024 to 3/27/2024 included competitive analysis and targeted Performance Max and YouTube Video ads, which resulted in 20 conversions, 304K impressions, and 15K engagements.
The team carried out a competitive analysis, creative testing, audience targeting, and bid strategy optimizations. The upcoming focus is on capturing actual bookings, optimizing bids, and continuing creative testing, with plans to incorporate AdRoll for enhanced performance. Emphasis will be placed on data-driven optimization to increase quality leads. The campaigns saw significant engagement, with the majority of conversions coming from contact page views. Looking forward, the strategy involves implementing better tracking, utilizing dynamic bid adjustment scripts, and ongoing testing of ad elements to drive optimized campaign performance and ROI.
Report Period:
February 29 - March 27, 2024
Focus of areas: Tracking actual bookings, bid optimization scripts, continued creative testing, utilizing AdRoll for further improvements. Emphasizing data-driven optimization to drive quality leads.

Campaigns and Activities

Managed two key campaigns

Performance Max Campaign: Aimed for wide reach across Google's network to generate leads.

YouTube Video Campaign: Attracted potential customers with engaging video ads to generate leads.

Targeted locations

Concentrated efforts on Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Mysuru, Alappuzha, Coimbatore, Kottayam, Kozhikode, Malappuram, Mumbai, Palakkad, and Thrissur to engage the target audience.

Raw Data, Activities and Analysis

Visit our Graphs section for visual data representations. Check out Auction Insights for competitive analysis. Access our Collaterals for marketing materials and case studies.

Activities Completed

Developed diverse creative assets (images, videos, headlines, etc.) for Performance Max campaigns to enhance ad appeal and performance.
A/B testing on different ad elements (headlines, descriptions, images, etc.) to compare performance and to make data-driven optimization.
Designed compelling ad creatives specifically tailored for YouTube video campaigns to maximize engagement on this platform.
Identified discrepancies in existing conversion tracking and implemented additional tracking through Google Tag Manager (GTM). This will provide more reliable and actionable performance data.
Conducted thorough research and strategically added search themes and audience signals to my Performance Max (PMax) campaign. This will enhance targeting precision and potentially improve overall campaign results.
Initiated an assessment of current landing pages to identify potential areas for improvement in alignment with campaign goals.

Optimization Completed

Shifted to smart bidding strategies to automate bid adjustments for improved conversion efficiency.
Leveraged Opteo and Adalysis for in-depth performance analysis, implementing data-driven changes for enhanced campaign outcomes.
Consistently monitored campaign metrics (CTR, conversion rate, cost per conversion) to pinpoint areas for optimization and strategic adjustments.
Suspended underperforming assets to conserve budget and focus on higher-potential elements.


We are able to achieve the total number of conversions, totaling 20 Following are the different conversion actions.
Call from Ads: 4Reservation Call click: 10 Contact Us Page View(In booking page): 6

Through Google Ads

Total Impressions: 304,284 Total Engagement: 15,007

Activities for Upcoming Months

Optimizing for Data-Driven Performance

Our primary focus for the upcoming month revolves around leveraging data-driven strategies to optimize and automate our campaigns, ensuring maximum impact and return on investment.
Implementing comprehensive tracking mechanisms to capture actual booking confirmations on the landing page. This will provide the most accurate measure of campaign success and inform future optimization efforts.
Deploying dynamic bid adjustment scripts that respond to real-time click-through rates (CTR), ensuring optimal ad visibility and resource allocation.
Utilizing automated scripts to fine-tune campaigns during peak traffic hours, maximizing ad exposure and engagement during high-volume periods.
Committing to ongoing testing and iteration of ad assets, including headlines, images, and videos. This data-driven approach will generate valuable insights to optimize campaigns for maximum conversion potential.
Integrating the AdRoll platform to enhance our advertising performance. With our growing dataset, we now have sufficient data to fully leverage AdRoll's capabilities for targeted and effective campaigns.
This month, we're implementing AdRoll to improve our advertising performance. Previously, we didn't have sufficient data to fully utilize its capabilities, but we've now reached that point.
Through these data-driven optimization and automation initiatives, we aim to achieve unprecedented levels of campaign performance, driving tangible business results and maximizing the return on our advertising investments.

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