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The types of services we specialize in with our clients
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Comprehensive Workflow and Solution design
As outlined in the page, we provide comprehensive workflow solutions to teams anchored in Coda. Our teams do discovery, scoping, project planning, SOP mapping & automation, development, QA, and enablement in one longer term partnership.
In addition, our fuller workflow solutions often include helping standup other SaaS as well such as PandaDocs, Xero, Bamboo HR, Salesforce, Quickbooks, Slack and other systems that interact with Coda
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Whole team training and equipping
Partnered with the Coda School, we help equip full teams to use and leverage Coda in their teams. With different trainings for users and makers we ensure everyone on the team feels comfortable in the platform and that makers feel empowered to design scalable, simple, and impactful solutions. We’ve seen this greatly improve Coda adoption inside teams, allowing Coda to dig deeper roots, constantly gain new use cases and thus increase its lifespan and number of makers inside customer organizations. We cover everything from workspace navigation, table basics, sharing/permissions, doc navigation and more!
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Doc Audits
Comprehensive audits of a document with the goal to ensure documents, or multi-doc systems are set to scale for years to come. We complete a full audit to look for:
Doc Sturcture
Doc Performance and Scalability
Privacy and Security
Each Doc audit comes with a full set of recommendations and a roadmap for improvements
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Coda Coaching
Helping power-makers within organizations learn best practices around Coda so they themselves can continue to deploy and manage Coda solutions across their organization. This is the perfect solution for customers where Coda has already established itself as a valuable tool and would like to keep adding new use cases and users to increase adoption and lifespan.
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Ongoing Support
Coda docs often run business critical systems. Our team provides 24/7 reactive support to teams through private communication channels to ensure bugs are fixed and crucial updates can be made to Coda systems when needed
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Pack and Integration Development
Our team has the traditional development skills to build out any packs (published or private) or external scripts for more custom integration needs. We’ve expanded Coda’s adoption by successfully building workflows with advanced and bespoke integrations of other tools such as: Google Business Suite, Microsoft OneDrive, Slack, Discord, Airtable, Shopify, Stripe, Jotform, Intercom, GitHub, Twilio, Calendly, Affinity and much more!
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