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Talking points for final submission

Points to cover for Devpost and live judging
Personal connection
Statistics of accidents (atleast for Ontario, bonus if for Canada or global)
Value proposition of our product
Demo of license plate behaviour in the event of an accident
Transmits info to endpoint → endpoint generates unique id for accident → database is updated with details of both drivers → blockchain network is updated with id of accident entry
Show how the react app works
Show how the flutter app works

Bonus topics for sponsor judging
Deep dive into technical discussion of the product
Why Cockroach DB? Why Flutter? etc
My discussion : in-depth look into why I think blockchain is a great fit for this product and the broader applications for the technology beyond crypto
Design / UX decisions that were taken and the inspirations behind them
How our app is in line with the direction of the industry

In 2020 alone, 1 in 5 accidents involving a pedestrian in Ontario were fatal.
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