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Good Morning and welcome to our presentation. Our product is called ‘DigiPlate’. We digitize license plates in Ontario for prevention of vehicle accidents as well as the responsibilities related to car ownership. According to WHO, approximately 1.3 million people die each year as a result of road traffic crashes. Injuries relating to road crash are the leading cause of death for children and young adults aged 5-29 years. Besides the social cost, we also have a strong personal connection to this issue as we lost multiple friends in recent years. Such accidents affect each and every one of us directly or indirectly, emphasizing the need for a solution. We would like to start off this presentation by showing you a demo of how our digital number plates would work. As of now, we built DigiPlate on Flutter, so we have attached our phones to the car for the demo.** DEMO **. As you saw, upon collision, the plates changed their status to show they have recently been in an accident. In the event of an accident, the plates wirelessly transfer important information such as plate number and insurance details over an encrypted channel to the other plate. A unique identifier for the accident is then generated and recorded in a blockchain network while an entry is made in an encrypted database that holds the information transferred by the plates. ** DEMO BITCOIN **. We also have different number plate colors and symbols on the plate for easy identification of risk. ** ONE SLIDE ** We followed a 3 step modal for the DigiPlate : The pre accident, during the accident and post accident procedures. All these can be accessed by our Copilot web app. ** DEMO REACT **. The copilot app welcomes you with the driver dashboard that has data and statistics on your own driving, as well as your neighbourhood drivers. The app also has a unique feature that lets you flag hazardous drivers around you as you’re driving to potentially warn other drivers of unsafe drivers. Along with this, the app also helps to customize your license plate with unique icons to assist special needs drivers with standing out on the road. There’s also alerts for highly unsafe drivers around you as you drive and immediate calls to hostipals/police with the ‘Are you okay?’ prompt in case you were to be involved in a crash. As we look towards the future, we have an ambitious roadmap for the future of DigiPlate. We envision a world where every aspect of your car, from the remotes for garage door to your car keys and beyond are all digital and cryptographically secured. By leveraging deep investments in blockchain, we can provide a trusted, secure platform for all aspects of the life of a car owner while simultaneously raising the bar for safety. That is all we have for you today. We hope you enjoyed our presentation , and we wish everyone who has travelled for Hack the North a safe journey back home. Thank you once again, and have a great day ahead.


In today’s world, with the increase in automatives/ industrialisation/ urbanisation → more people travelling → more on roads and statically that means more chances of accidents.
Preferable → In the world....., in North America alone........, In canada .....
We personally lost a friend last year due to road accidnet, both young old no matter who, everyone is affected.
Main motivation is to prevent accidnets and hit and run cases
Next motivation technicalise
With the way the world is moving (more technical automobiles and everyhting in genreal) our product will keep up
List all our + points for products
Show a demo of the react app → our support app which will be your friend on every drive :) / looking out for you on your every drive
we have a small demo of events that would take place during an accident
Show cars crashing (number plates on top)
here we have our cars with their digital number plates
Oh no accidnet
Our flutter app uses the noise feature to detect accident but irl we are planning on using bluetooth
when plates come close to each other, and there is contact insurace information will be sent to insurance on blockchain
cut screen to abby’s for a bit, then explain a little why blockchain is secure
Cut back to accident → show changed number plates.
Expalin our differnt types of number plates and icons
our future views
WIsh everone who came to waterloo for the hackathon safe travels home
thank for time

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