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DigiPlate (ft. Blockchain)

A digital license plate that makes the roads safer for you.

💡 Idea overview

DigiPlate is a revolutionary idea that digitizes number plates in Ontario for prevention of vehicle accidents. It entails the digital plate itself, and the Copilot app that acts as an assistant to make your driving safer and more comfortable, and a blockchain-based backend to securely exchange insurance details between vehicles in case of a crash.

❓ Problem

What's the underlying problem we've observed? Key examples to demonstrate? How will this create value for our customers?
talk about statistics of accidents (use this for live demo)
personal connection?
value proposition of our product (try to quantify as much as possible)

🔍 Scope

All drivers in Ontario with the potential to extend to all drivers in Canada.

💫 Key Features

Accident Prevention
Alerts that let you know if there’s a reckless driver around you in a set radius.
Numerous icons to warn fellow drivers of potential hazards and warnings (pregnant / baby on board / new driver / disabilities).
Unique background colors for driver classification (orange-red - flagged drivers; blue - normal driver; )
Conveniently report hazardous drivers around you for reckless driving to flag them.43

During Accident
Call an ambulance automatically if the user does not respond to the ‘Are you fine?’ prompt.
Exchange insurance info over a blockchain network for secure transfer of data.

Post Accident Procedures
Hit and run cases can be easily tracked down to the driver by utilizing the blockchain network.

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