Recruiting Role Kick Off Template
Role Kick Off Template

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Purpose of a Role Kick Off

Before any job is opened in our ATS (Applicant Tracking System), or posted on our career site, we must complete a Role Kick Off. This will help the search run more efficiently and save time trouble-shooting down the line, by ensuring best practices in the following areas are implemented from the start!
Role Alignment
Make sure everyone involved in the search is aligned on the purpose for the role, and the bar for evaluation, which should translate to a clear rubric for interviewer evaluation.
Hiring Team Responsibilities
Everyone should be on the same page regarding the roles of each team member, and expectations on the work required from each one of them to make successful hires.
Efficient Process
The hiring process is clear, streamlined, DEI-friendly, and allows the team to move fast without sacrificing candidate experience.
Strategic Planning
Have a clear strategic pathway to filling this role: what metrics should we set, how long will it take based on the market, what are some tailored tactics & strategies we can employ to maximize success.

Kick Off Overview

Pre Kick Off
During Kick Off
After Kick Off
Driving the entire process top to bottom including strategy and process: ensuring everything is lined up for a seamless search, sharing best hiring practises, setting strategy and pipeline expectations.
Hiring Manager
Providing content relevant to role and panel (incl. job description, focus areas etc.), actively engaging in hiring strategies, identifying participatory team.
Drive strategic top of funnel support: providing market intelligence and building pipeline.
Providing insight into process and panel viability, checking that systems are correctly set.

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