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Everything you need to organize your product team in one place.
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Your product team needs a single source of truth—not multiple siloes. This Coda doc centralizes your meeting notes, product vision, decision-making process, and more into a single team hub.

🤔 What’s Coda?

Coda is a familiar doc, but with new tricks.

First things first: what you’re reading is a Coda doc, a flexible surface that can help you build just about anything. You can start with simple text, add building blocks like tables for tracking tasks and data, integrate your favorite tools like Slack and Jira—and much, much more.
Try it: Highlight this text and make it bold and red.
Try it: Type / anywhere in your doc to summon useful things like a /table or a /meeting notes template.
💡 Want to learn more? See how our building blocks can help you run more efficient or keep your whole team on track with
with these helpful guides.

Coda is your single source of truth—just look left!

Docs are organized into pages and subpages to give your team a centralized hub for everything it needs to function smoothly—from meetings to decisions to roadmaps and beyond.
Try it: Click + New page to jot down your thoughts or start a writeup. Then, drag the page up or down in the page list to organize it.
💡 Want to learn more? Check out these guides for more details on how to build custom and on Coda, where your content, data, and tools all connect.

Coda is built for collaboration.

Invite your design and engineering partners to this doc to collaborate on projects and drive clear decision making.
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🏃‍♂️ Kickstart your product team hub

The best PMs turn ambiguity into clarity, and this doc has everything you need to keep your team organized in a single space. Start simple by running your next meeting with the page.
When you’re ready to expand your team hub, bring in more pages—or create your own—as needed. Coda is flexible and customizable, so you can shape it to fit your unique team:

If you ever need help, head to the ? in the bottom right of your screen.

👍 Get started

Start by running your next team standup meeting in this doc.

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