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Personal Goal Setting, Task and Habit Tracker

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Welcome to Your Goal Setting, Habit Tracking and Task Management Hub
Have you ever found it hard to balance your time between work, your family, personal growth, and/or being social? Can you indeed have it all? The career 💼, the family 👨‍👩‍👦, the social life 🕺, [insert dream here]?
One of my favorite quotes from Thomas Lucier’s book,

“There are exactly 168 hours in a week and time is the single most valuable asset that any human being possesses. Time is irreplaceable and once it's gone, you can never get it back. How you spend each working hour of your adult life has a profound impact on how much you'll accomplish. In other words, if you decide to squander your valuable time on non productive pursuits, such as constantly watching mind- numbing tv programs, there's an excellent chance that all you'l have to show for your time spent in front of the aptly named tube is a limited intellect and a bulging belly.”

⏰ Many people have asked me how I can succeed in my career while still maintaining a social life. The answer is simple. I choose how I spend my time wisely. I try to work smarter, not longer and focus on what is important to me. You always have time for things you prioritize first 👆.

This doc 📝 will help you:

Plan out areas that are important to you professionally and personally
Plan out the time you would dedicate to those essential areas
Track your progress with a combined habit and time tracker
Measure your results over time weekly
Help manage tasks specific to each area

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