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Global Components Example

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In my system, Variables are simple, generally single line elements that can be text, links, or even an image.
Below are simple examples of links that you might want to re-use around your Doc:

How to create new Variables:

Begin by typing the equal sign “=” (without the quotes).
This will bring up the “Add Formula” entry screen.
For the link examples above, begin by typing a double quote “
Then either type in the full URL, or paste it if you’ve already copied it.
Then finish the “formula” by typing a close double quote “
Now, you MUST name your formula. Click where it says “Unnamed Formula” and give it a name.
To make it easier to add the variable when you’re on another page, I always name my Variables using the syntax you see above: v_SomeName
“SomeName” can be long as it’s relatively short and descriptive and doesn’t have any spaces or special characters.

How to use Variables on other Pages:

When you wan to “insert” your Variable, just begin by typing the equal sign “=” again.
The “Add Formula” screen will popup.
Type “v_” and you’ll see the above Variables and any others you’ve added.

This is a Global Footer. Created and managed on the Page

You can add text, images, links and style them however you like.
(You just can’t add formulas or variables or any dynamic info)
Doc Page Links: |
Globals Links: | |
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