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Global Components Example

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_data Pages manage and control Select values, Buttons, & Globals/Variables around this Doc.

About _data Pages

This “_data” folder is a construct I developed to hold (and keep separate from the main app Tables) what I call “data files” that are used within each Doc.
Data Files (Pages) may consist of the following types of data:
b_Buttons (Labels). We can only control the Label via formula and not the entire button
g_Global values created for reuse throughout the Doc.
s_Select Tables holding option values in other Tables. (not used in this demo)
v_Variables created for reuse throughout the Doc.

Naming Conventions

Because every Button, Table, and Formula can be named, it’s important to develop a naming convention so it’s easy to reference what you’re wanting to place on a Layout or use in another Formula.
Hopefully the naming conventions above are obvious, but just in case:
s_PascalCase is for Tables containing SELECT values for other Tables.
b_PascalCase is for BUTTONS that are used on Layouts.
b_camelCase is for Buttons within a Table Row.
v_PascalCase is for single value Variables (generally Integers but can be Text) that may be reused across Layouts and also used within Global Blocks.
g_PascalCase is for what I call “Global Blocks” such as Footers and large blocks that may contain formatted text, integers, Variables, and other Global Blocks. Any content that you want displayed across multiple Pages with a Doc should be placed in a Global Block and then inserted via referenced on each Page wanted.

Single Use -vs- Multi Use Page

s_SelectTables should each be on their own Page.
b_Buttons are grouped on a single “b_Buttons” Page since they don’t take up much room.
v_Variables may also be grouped on a single “v_Variables” Page since they are small data values.
g_GlobalBlocks may be grouped on different Pages if there grows to be many Blocks that are more easily separated and grouped.

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