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Global Components Example

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NOTE: We can’t actually create reusable Buttons already configured with Actions. But we can create reusable “Labels” and then use those labels for Buttons created on other Pages.

How to create new Button Labels:

In the “t_ButtonLabels” Table below, create a new entry (row) for your button if it doesn’t already exist.
Be sure to choose the Icon, if you want one.
The icons I used a “Keyboard Characters” and so take on the same color as the text.
I also added a couple Emojis at the end of the list so you can see how those work.

How to use Button Labels on Buttons around your Doc:

Tab into the “Label Formula to copy” cell and copy it.
Create your new Button, on any Page, by typing “/button” and in the Label field, click on the “𝑓” and paste in what you copied.
Continue to add the button Action and choose a color.
Manage the Icons and Labels here to maintain consistency across the system.

(I wish I could set the color and action, or just allow duplication of Buttons. But it’s not yet supported in Coda.)
Changing the “Label” values changes the button labels across your entire Doc.
Label Formula to copy
Add New Project
Add New Other Thing
Add New Something
There are no rows in this table

Copy & Paste

You can also just place the cursor in front, or back, of each or all the buttons below, hold the SHIFT key while using the ← or → arrow keys to select, COPY, and then PASTE in other pages. That’s the easiest and fastest way.

This is a Global Footer. Created and managed on the Page

You can add text, images, links and style them however you like.
(You just can’t add formulas or variables or any dynamic info)
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