How do I receive money from parents?

A unique payment page will be generated for your School, you can share the link with parents for tuition payment. You can also issue out unique account numbers to all registered families in your school for easy tuition collection and tracking.

What information do I need to open family accounts?

All family accounts are sub accounts under the school’s main account. All you need to provide is the family name, parents email and phone number and the accounts will be opened.

How can I onboard parents to the app?

Scroll down to “Families” and click on it, click on “Guardians” and click “New Guardian”. Fill in the guardian’s information and click “Create Guardian”.

How do I upload families to the app?

To upload families, scroll down to “Your School” section and click on “Families”, then click on “New family”. Fill in the required information and click “Create Family”.

Can families login to see payment history & print receipts?

If your school approves, families can have login access to see ONLY their payment history and print receipts

In what unique ways can I tell parents about you?

You can invite us to your PTA events to educate parents and teachers about the benefits we offer
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