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Invoice inflow

Invoice Inflow shows an overview of all payments made as a result of the invoices sent. It shows:
The name of the student for which the invoice was generated
The invoice reference number, under which, is the date when the invoice was generated
The amount paid and the payment status
The channel through which the payment was made, e.g., transfers, manual payment, etc.
The date and time the payment was made.

To download invoice transaction reports, Click “Download invoice transaction reports” and the reports will be downloaded on to your phone or system in an excel format.

To View Payment Details

To view the payment details of a particular invoice:
Scroll to the invoice
Click on the three dots by the right
Click “View Payment details”

Searching for an Invoice Inflow Using “Filter”

If you want to search for a particular payment, click “Filter”. Filter makes it easier for you to search for a particular payment when you have a number of them, by sieving out the necessary information needed to help you find the payment details. To search for a payment detail using Filter:
Click on “Filter”
Type in the dates between which the payment was made, and if you’re not exactly sure, type the amount range.
If you’re not sure of the exact amount, select the payment channel and the settlement status, then click “Filter”.
If you’re not sure about the payment channel or settlement status, you can click “Filter” and it would bring out a list of payments made within the dates selected and the amount selected.
In other cases where you’re not sure about the dates or amount paid, you can select the payment status if you’re sure of it and click “Filter”; it would bring out a list of payments with that settlement status. You can also select only the payment channel if that’s what you’re sure of, and click “Filter”; it will bring out a list of payments made through that channel and you can search through until you find the payment you’re looking for


Can all inflows be settled into various accounts in other banks?

We understand that you may have existing financial obligation with other banks. You can specify a percentage of inflow you want, and it will be splitted and settled into nominated bank accounts.

Will I receive notifications?

Yes. You will receive notifications for all transactions made. You can also send out invoices alongside constant payment reminders to parents via WhatsApp.
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