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Family list & profile

This contains record of all the families in your school. Basically, family helps group parents and students into a single unit; that is, if there are four children from the same family attending your school, you can group these four children into a family, e.g., Ade family. For every family account you generate, a unique account number will be generated for that family also. This account number is an easy way of payment, so rather than the parents paying school fees for four children separately, they can pay everything at once through that account number. This makes it easy for the school to identify who has paid and who is still owning, and it also helps solve issues of mix-ups in cases where people bear the same surname.


To create a new family follow these steps:
Click on “Families”
Click “New family”
Type the Family’s name, e.g. Adejumo Family
Click on the students column to add the children of that family
Click on “Add new guardian” to add the guardian of that family
Fill in the Guardian’s information and click “Create guardian”
Click “Create family” to create a new family.
To edit the family’s information, scroll to the family and click on the three dots by the right. Click “Edit”
To view the family’s details, scroll to the family and click the three dots by the right. Click “View”
To delete a family’s record from your list, scroll to the family and click on the three dots by the right. Click “Delete”

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