The Process

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Where the
@Lead Organisation
provides a
of key metrics, and reports to an
@Outcomes Framework

A SAVVI Dashboard

Much of the are designed to collect data so that it can be reported on as a dashboard.
A Dashboard can answer questions such as
How many
have been raised in each
@Risk Category
How many
in each
@Risk Category
have had a successful
@Contact Event
; how many remain to be contacted?
How many of each
have been assessed? How many of these have been passed to a
@Delivery Organisation
How many of each
have been delivered across the initiative
of each
have been achieved?

A Dashboard can be organised to present these questions by
@Responsible Organisation
Geographic Area
Time Periods

The contains examples of dashboards that councils have set up.

Outcomes Framework

@Lead Organisation
should establish an
@Outcomes Framework
designed to demonstrate the performance and effectiveness of the
@Vulnerability Initiative
@Outcome Frameworks
may be set nationally.
The SAVVI Catalogue points to good examples of
@Outcome Frameworks


A single
@Case Index
containing all the SAVVI information can be used to provide reports about individual cases, or aggregated statistics.
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