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This proposal is divided into phases, the full process is explained first, with phases and costs after.


Team: Charlotte Raffo (comms), Nico Paries (design), Saskia Rysenbry (School)
Light touch brand positioning
Aligning and defining the 'Why, how, what' of the organisation plus:
Market research and positioning
Key messages: tagline, elevator pitch, key phrases
Target audience(s)
Top-line tone of voice
Basic writing guidelines
Comms framework: how, when, what, who
Action from the School - in-person interview(s)/ online survey
Deliverables - brand book and/or series of documents
Timing - 4 days, 2 revisions
Visual branding
Update School brand
Allowing the School to “grow up”
Updating typography, colours
Building the illustrative aspects of the brand - potential to bring in illustrator (days will be extra)
Making the brand feel stronger and more consistent
Create documentation on how to use brand (on Gitbook)
Create usable assets - slides, social media, PDF docs, with documentation on how to use etc
Action from the School - workshops, feedback rounds
Deliverables - assets and documentation
Timing - 8-10 days


This is separated into the following. sections, but will have a lot of overlap/collaboration between the parts:
Web copy

Team: Nico Paries (design), UX Designer (external), Saskia Rysenbry (School)
Workshop(s) with School members
Research - requirements, functions
UX wire framing V1
UX wire framing V2
Action from the School - workshops, feedback rounds
Deliverables - wireframes
Timing - 12-18 days
Website copy
Home - as needed
About - approx 500 words
Plus light-touch wording on all other pages - each under 200 words
Action from the School - feedback rounds
Deliverables - series of documents
Timing - 2 days, 2 revisions
Aligning the visual brand with the website
Creating a design system
Action from the School - feedback rounds
Deliverables - Mockups
Timing - 8-10 days
Kirby CMS, an adaptable and intuitive backend that is easily managed my multiple people
Green hosting with 100% renewable energy
Low-carbon design & development - reduce the carbon impact + improve the performance of the website
Action from the School - feedback rounds
Deliverables - Website
Timing - 12-14 days

Cool features:

fully translatable into 100+ languages (at a monthly cost - so only would choose a few)
great opportunity for SEO
great analytics to iterate regularly
ability to pull data from Medium, so we can keep blogs on the website as well (and translatable)
connection with Airtable which can be very easily managed/updated for a lot of content on the website. eg contributor profiles, resources, events,

Very light-touch comms/content refresh

To update the comms strategy with the new branding: Top-line strategy including:
Overarching targets and KPIs
Content pillars
Channels (purpose and focus content for each)
Content schedule: year, month, week
Content distribution (promo) plan
Deliverables - series of documents
Timing - 1-2 days, 1 revision
outreach strategy - external promotion, finding the right connections, developing roadmap and objectives
ROI on brand positioning
SMART goals
paid advertising across all digital channels
specific content creation
junior outreach - stakeholder list


MVP - Courses
Date: mid-Feb
Basic website showcasing different courses available
Easy application process with embedded
Note: this won’t have updated branding

Website - Updated brand and beautiful new website to launch School as separate entity
Date: mid-June
Home page
Simple resources
Projects (from the field as well as School)

Extended Website - more sophisticated Airtable connection with Resources, Events and Community section
Date: mid-August
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