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Saskia (School)
Saskia is the Learning Curator at the School of System Change and leading the rebrand and update of the School website in 2022. She has a lot of experience in branding and websites, and is excited to bring in some of her colleagues from many previous projects as the team for this.
Nico (Design)
Nico is a brand & digital designer based in Portugal and France. He uses his past experiences with premium brands to help organisations & businesses committed in environmental and social progress to win hearts and minds for their causes. His design approach is driven towards a more diverse & sustainable use of the Internet.
Charlotte (Branding)
Charlotte is a brand and communication strategist based in London. Passionate about the intersection of environmental sustainability and business, she specialises in helping purpose-driven companies define and communicate who they are, what sets them apart and why their customers should care.
External UX

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